Publications and Television That Feature and/or Include 

Jonathan Herbert, Computer Illustration, 

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Profile article, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 2004

Cover Feature, Digital Imaging Magazine, 2003

Chillin&146; With Jonathan Herbert: Shoot Magazine, February 12, 1999

BDA Award Nickelodeon&146;s TV Land Promos, 1999

Animation for Spots: Post Magazine, October 1998

As Cool As You Can Get: Screen Magazine, October 26, 1998

Short Cuts: Shoot Magazine, August 7, 1998

CBS&146; 48 Hours: August 19, 1998 & November 20, 1997

East Cost Digital Consortium: Shoot Magazine, August 1997

Going Back to Their Roots: Adweek, March 10, 1997

3-D Forethought: Variety's On Production, March 1997

Animation on a Budget: Post Magazine, January 20, 1997

Graphics & Effects: Millimeter, January, 1997

Image of the Week: Advertising Age, October 21, 1996

New York, New York: Post Magazine, September 16, 1996

Seamless 3D: Post Magazine, July 15, 1996

Animation's Idea People: Post Magazine, February 1996

'Silicon Alley' proves alluring: Downtown Express, August 28, 1995

Paint on His Pants,  A Cab License In His Hand: 

     An Interview with Jonathan Herbert: AV VIDEO, July 1994

WPIX News 'Silicon Alley': Channel 11 news, August 2, 1995

Computer Artist Jonathan Herbert: Computer Artist, April/May 1994

Entering the 3D Dimension: Computer Pictures, March/April 1994 

Digital printer is natural tool for illustration, not to mention

     self-promotion: Graphic Design, March 1994

Workstations Define the New High End: Computer Artist, Feb/Mar 1993

"It's Really Simple...": Resolution, Fall 1991, Vol.2, No. 2

One Man + One Clone = One Company: Technology Solutions, Summer 1991

The Big Bang, One artist's story shows what an exciting trip it's been:

     Resolution, Spring 1991

Jonathan Herbert, 3D for Print, Animation and Beyond:  Silicon Graphics



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